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FDA Issues 德赢真人视讯Draft Guidance on Determining when Data from Foreign Clinical Studies Can Support Device Submissions

It is becoming increasingly common for medical device companies to conduct clinical studies outside the United States and then seek to use data from these foreign studies in regulatory submissions to FDA.In a 德赢真人视讯draft guidance issued on April 22,2015,FDA lays out the factors it considers when confronted with data from foreign studies … Continue Reading

Custom Device Exemption Remains Narrow,but FDA's Final Guidance Addresses Industry Concern About "Device Type" Definition

FDA announced the availability of its final guidance on the "custom device exemption" on September 24,2014 and held a webinar on this topic on October 14,2014 (the video for this webinar can be found here and the transcript here).  The final guidance contains several changes from the 德赢真人视讯draft guidance (see our blog on … Continue Reading

FDA Focuses on Sex-Specific Data in Medical Device Clinical Trials

8月22日,2014,FDA issued a final guidance addressing the collection and analysis of sex-specific data in medical device clinical trials,entitled "Evaluation of Sex-Specific Data in Medical Device Clinical Studies."  The guidance outlines "FDA's expectations regarding sex-specific patient enrollment,data analysis,and reporting of study information."  According to the guidance,studying both sexes … Continue Reading

FDA Launches OpenFDA To Ease Access to FDA Datasets — Which Creates Opportunities for Developers of Mobile Medical Apps

Last week,FDA launched openFDA­—its new,open government initiative.  Created in response to an executive order on transparency,openFDA will provide access to many of the agency's health data sets.  FDA is encouraging developers of websites and mobile medical apps to process FDA's health data so it is more useful for the public,clinicians,and … Continue Reading